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Mendeleo is an international marketing-innovation agency.
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A marketing-innovation agency

A company excels when the business both performs splendidly and contributes to a better future. We develop and market attractive products and services that solve our world's wicked problems.

Marketing and innovation go hand in hand. In fact, it could be argued that innovation is a part of marketing because it is constantly updating the value proposition. By separating the two, we solve the complex problem of ambidexterity: first, we optimise the business (marketing); then, we help it take a new step (innovation). These two acts are repeated frequently to create a continuous process of development.

Our disciplines include branding, strategy, (online) marketing, and product development. This may seem very broad, but everything is closely related. We make sure that a business is running well and remains relevant in the future. We don't just give advice; we analyse, plan, coordinate, or execute if that's what our clients want.


Grote uitdagingen bedreigen onze vooruitgang. Enkele voorbeelden: ouderdom en ziekte, energievoorziening, vervuiling en woestijnvorming, oorlog en democratie, waterveiligheid en voedselzekerheid enz.

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How are we different?


Contrary to many other marketers, we believe that the proposition is essential for the marketing mix. An attractive proposition doesn't automatically sell itself, but it does make it a lot easier. That's why we focus on this aspect before looking at the promotion or communication.
We're also different from many other agencies because we integrate strategic advice with hands-on execution. Turning a strategy into action is already tricky enough; if various parties perform both activities, many things get lost in translation.


Progress is our purpose, and innovation is our tool. Our work aims to move both our clients and society forward.

Core values


For us, it's not just about co-operation with clients, but also with each other and third parties: suppliers, governments, consumers, etc. On a philosophical level, we believe that co-operation helps to prevent conflict, which is helpful to create progress. On a more pragmatic level, we think everybody can provide unique value to a collaboration. Different perspectives are required for successful innovation.


We try to become the best version of ourselves. Likewise, we help our clients to fulfil their potential. With our attention to detail, we can do beautiful things together and obtain great results. The idea is to push the boundaries of your business.


Enjoy life! We work hard on the most serious challenges in the world. It is easier to do that with a smile and a good party now and then.


In this century, man can become immortal. Or go extinct. The choice is ours. Mendeleo chooses progress and takes on wicked problems. No one can do that alone, so we work with colleagues, suppliers, customers and even competitors. 

Our role? We create and market profitable solutions with attractive products and services. Our clients sell them, while the world benefits.

We help conscious companies fulfil their potential (marketing) and push the boundaries (innovation). We make them excel: perform excellently and contribute to a bright future.


We're currently on a mission to create a profitable solution to one of the most critical challenges of Amsterdam New-West's society.

What do we offer?

About our online marketing services

With our vast range of services, it can be challenging to know where to start. If you're looking for a partner that works with you from the ground up using search engine optimisation, social media, and paid advertising, then Mendeleo is the perfect fit! We're here to establish your online presence and maximise your digital marketing results.

Our marketing services are designed to help you compete in today's market. We support companies with strategies to respond quickly to customer demands.

We offer services for companies of all shapes and sizes. Our primary focus is on helping businesses reach global audiences with engaging content and ensuring they stay local in terms of their understanding of the culture and nuances of their client base.

Once we're hired, we ensure that our client's ideas are executed to the best effect. Our creative team consists of experts in advertising, marketing, and technology. We have clients from small businesses to major corporations who want to use Mendeleo's expertise to create effective campaigns and build powerful brands.